WordPress: Move traffic to https

This guide shows how to easily update all links in your WordPress instead of going through the secure protocol https.

Before proceeding with this guide, you will first need to complete the following steps:

  1. Your domain needs a SSL certificate.
  2. If you have installed it through our One Click Installer and purchased the simplest certificate, you need to move all media files.

Once these steps are completed, you can go ahead and log in to your WordPress page.

In this guide, we implement the change with additionally Really Simple SSL where the free version of the plugin is enough.

Search for it, install and activate the plugin in your WordPress.

Now you get a new menu selection in your WordPress under “Settings.”
Select “SSL” to get into the plugin. Here you can first see that you have an active SSL
certificate getting your domain. You can ignore the warning of purchasing the Premium version of the add-on now as you solve the last part through your Loopia Customer Zone.
You must have a green tick and the text “An SSL certificate was detected on your site.” Then click on “Settings” and select here to enable 301 redirect.

Then go back to “configuration” and select “Go ahead, activate SSL“.

Now all links are updated to https. Now you can log into your Loopia Customer Zone and you can choose to “force” all traffic that is received since going through https.

Click on “save” and now it’s ready. You can check that everything works by visiting the page and in the address bar, see “https” and also in the browser’s address bar that the page is secure.

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