How do I know if I have Lets Encrypt on my website?

You can easily see in your browser what type of SSL certificate your website uses. This guide shows you how to check it in Google Chrome: 

  1. Visit your website via https:// in Google Chrome.
  2. Press ctrl+shift+I (large i) or cmd+shift+I for Mac to display the web browser’s developer tools. You might have to reload the page after that. 
  3. Select the Security tab to see what kind of SSL your website is secured by.

If your page is displayed as “Not secure”, you can also see the reason here, for example that your page contains images that link to http. The page then tries to load via https, but when it still load eg images via http, it is not 100% protected and is then displayed as not secure.

You can click on the link to see exactly what links still contain http. 

Adjust this in your website’s code or database. Feel free to see our guide for WordPress if your website uses WordPress.

Another common mistake in WordPress can be that you have also entered your own HTML code in one of your widgets that calls images via http. Then adjust this directly in your widget.

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