SSL certificate “Let’s Encrypt”

Lets Encrypt is included and created automatically

SSL Certificates from Lets Encrypt can be used on all domains Loopia using our web platforms Windows/UNIX/Autobahn

If you have a Business package or Business plus package on Loopia the creation of certificates and automatic renewal is included.

To use SSL via Lets Encrypt you only have to configure your domain/subdomain/sub-subdomain to use Website with Loopia.

Within an hour a new SSL-certificate will be created automatically and then renewed every three months as long as the domain is still using our platform.

You can check if the certificate is active by visiting your domain via https://

If a certificate hasn’t been created within an hour it is usually because the domain has just been registered or redirected to our nameservers. The creation of a new certificate can then take a few more hours (up to 48 hours in some cases)

Loopia Suitebuilder does also support SSL via Lets Encrypt

Loopia Sitebuilder also uses SSL via Lets Encrypt. When you publish your site for the first time a new certificate is created within an hour and you can then use https:// to visit your Sitebuilder webpage.

I want to upload my own certificates

If you have have issued your own certificate you can upload it in your Customer Zone with the help of this guide.

I have a certificate but my website is not secure

Note that after the SSL-certificates have been created you have to redirect the traffic on your website to only allow traffic through https. See this guide

If you want our support to redirect your site to https they can assist you at an hourly rate.

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