Loopia webmail makes it easy to send and receive emails through a web browser. All you need to use the webmail is a computer with internet access.
You will find the webmail at:
The benefits of Loopia webmail are:

  • Web based and easy to use.
  • Allows you to use your email at anytime and anywhere.
  • Creating folders and address lists.

Login to Loopia webmail

Enter your full email address (info@mindoman.se) in the field E-mail and your password in the field below. If you want, you can also change the language in the drop-down list for Language. Then just click on Login.

The message view

Once logged in, you will get the view where you see your folders, emails and links to all the features in the webmail. You can quickly and easily sort your emails based on subject, sender, date or size. You can also move between the folders, delete, reply or forward emails.


Personal Settings

To make your webmail a little more personal you can change some settings in it, this is done by clicking on Settings in the top-right corner. You will see a few different categories of settings that can be modified.



You can handle your folders by clicking on Settings at the top right and then on Folders under the Loopia logo. There you can then create folders, delete folders, and change some settings for them.


Sending email

After making any settings you want to do, you can start sending emails. First click on the icon to create a new message, the second icon from the left under the Loopia logo. Then enter the recipients to receive the email, a subject that briefly describes what the message is about and finally enter the email in the big box. If you want to add an attachment, click the button Attach a file to the left. When finished with the email, click the Send Now button at the top right.


Manage email messages

In the message view, which is immediately visible when logging in to the webmail, or by clicking on the Loopia logo, you can see all your emails. To read an email you simply click on it, and then to reply, forward or delete an email you can use the icons below the Loopia logo.



To create or edit your signature, you go to Settings at the top right and then click Identities under the Loopia logo. Then you choose the identity you want to edit (by default there is only one). There you can edit both your signature and other related settings. To save the settings, click Save.


HTML Signature

If you, for example, want your company logo in your signature when you send a message through our webmail you can follow the steps below.

To add this you must first upload your picture somewhere where it is publicly available on the Internet, for example your storage at us or a web album service.

Then go to Settings at the top right and click on Identities under the Loopia logo. Now select your identity on the left-hand side and then tick HTML signature at the bottom on the right-hand side. After this you must click on the HTML-button in the toolbar that shows up and then type the following information in the signature field, change http://mindoman.se/loopia.jpg to the URL of your picture where it is publicly available on the Internet:


Then click on Update to confirm the changes and then Save to save your new signature.

For your signature to then show up on messages that you write you need to go to Settings and Composing Messages. On this page you should set Compose HTML messages to always and Automatically add signature to always:


Now click on the Save-button. Next time you write a message in the webmail your signature should now show up automatically.

View all / previous folders

If you do not see all your folders when you are logged in to your webmail it is probably because you have not subscribed to them.
To obtain these folders, you do the following:
Login to the webmail and select Settings in the right top menu.
Then click Folders under the Loopia logo and you should now see a list of the folders that are associated with your email account.


Here you can check the folders you want to be included in your folder list in your webmail. Check them and then return to your inbox by clicking the Loopia logo.

Create a mailing list or to add recipients to groups

A mailing list or group that is also called is something you can create directly in the webmail.
Before you assemble a new mailing list you need to start by saving the email addresses to be used in the address book. To do this you go to Address Book in the right top menu and then, click on the icon to create a new contact on the bottom left.


You do this repeatedly to add all email addresses in your address book.
To then add those addresses into groups you click the plus button at the bottom left of your webmail address book window.


Then enter a suitable name for your first group and click enter on your keyboard.


Now select your first address list that is usually called Personal Addresses or the address list you want to get contacts from. Then select the contacts you want to include in the group and drag them to your group.


A message that these have been added should now appear in your webmail.


You should now see those addresses when you click on the group.


Now you can directly begin to send out messages to your new group. Open up a new message and enter the first few letters of your group’s name in the field Recipient. A suggestion for the group will then be displayed and the number of email addresses in the group will be shown in parentheses.


Just click the group name and all addresses in the group will then be added as a recipient in the Recipient field.

Get e-mail headers

When we’re troubleshooting an e-mail account we some times ask for e-mail headers. This is how you get them from out webmail.

  1. Open the message in question.
  2. Click on the button More in the tool bar.
  3. Click on Show source.
  4. Select all text that shows up on the screen.
  5. Right-click and select Copy.
  6. Save all text in a text file.
  7. Send this text file to us per e-mail about the troubleshooting.

Save address from a message in the webmail

In the webmail, you can quickly and easily add new addresses from messages in your inbox.
Select the message that is sent from an email address you want to save. Put your mouse pointer over the icon next to the email address. The text Add to address book will then appear and you can directly click here to save the address.


A green confirmation box will now appear in your webmail.


You can then edit the new contact and add name, phone number, etc. by clicking on Address book in the top right menu.

Delete messages in the webmail

There are several ways to clean up and delete old messages from your email accounts at Loopia. It is recommended that you use an email client for this but if this is not possible you can do this cleanup in your webmail.

When you use one of these email clients and the protocol POP3, be sure that the Leave a copy of messages on server is unchecked. Otherwise you would store all emails twice, i.e. both in your email account and locally on your computer.

You can in our webmail clear the e-mail by doing the following. Select the messages you want to delete from the list of messages. You can select multiple messages by holding down the Ctrl key and click on the messages you want to delete.


You can then just press the Delete key on your keyboard to remove them. You can also drag them to the trash icon in the left hand pane in the webmail.

Your messages are now moved to the trash bin but are still not deleted from the server.

To delete them permanently, you need to click on the trash bin in your folder list.

Select all the messages and delete them by clicking the Delete key on your keyboard.

These messages are now deleted from the server.

If you should encounter that you in the first step have moved a message to the trash bin by mistake you can move it back to your Inbox by selecting it and drag it back to the Inbox in your folder list.

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