The SSH service is used to manage your website material with well-known tools. It is important to understand that the home directory you have in this service is the same as when you use FTP. This means that if files are deleted or changed, the websites you have in your account at Loopia will be affected immediately.

This service is not intended to start server processes, seek access to other customers’ materials or resources, or use a large proportion of the resources that the service offers, such as memory, processing power, network or storage capacity. Customers who abuse this service may be suspended. Processes that are judged to use the possibilities of the service incorrectly may be terminated.

The service is currently in beta and this guide is currently inactive.

Do you want to test it right away? Contact with your customer number at Loopia and your public key.

Approved key pair types

  • ECDSA 256/384/521 bits
  • ED25519
  • RSA 4096 bits

Installed tools


  • bash
  • csh
  • tcsh

Text editors

  • vim
  • nano
  • ee



  • PHP
  • Python
  • Perl

Command examples

[loopiademo@s843 ~]$ ls

[loopiademo@s843 ~]$ cd
[loopiademo@s843 ~/]$ wp --path=`pwd` plugin list
| name                                | status   | update    | version |
| akismet                             | inactive | available | 3.3.2   |
| all-in-one-wp-migration             | inactive | available | 6.48    |
| all-in-one-wp-security-and-firewall | inactive | available | 4.2.8   |
| backupwordpress                     | active   | available | 3.6.4   |
| hello                               | active   | available | 1.6     |
| simple-automatic-updates            | active   | none      | 0.1.3   |
| wp-super-cache                      | inactive | available | 1.4.9   |
| advanced-cache.php                  | dropin   | none      |         |

[loopiademo@s843 ~/]$ wp --path=`pwd` plugin deactivate hello
Plugin 'hello' deactivated.
Success: Deactivated 1 of 1 plugins.

[loopiademo@s843 ~/]$ wp --path=`pwd` plugin update wp-super-cache
Deprecated: The behavior of unparenthesized expressions containing both '.' and '+'/'-' will change in PHP 8: '+'/'-' will take a higher precedence in on line 103
Laddar ner uppdatering från
Packar upp uppdatering...
Installerar den senaste versionen...
Tar bort den gamla versionen av tillägget...
PHP Deprecated:  The each() function is deprecated. This message will be suppressed on further calls in on line 361
Deprecated: The each() function is deprecated. This message will be suppressed on further calls in on line 361
Tillägget uppdaterades utan problem.
| name           | old_version | new_version | status  |
| wp-super-cache | 1.4.9       | 1.7.1       | Updated |
Success: Updated 1 of 1 plugins.

[loopiademo@s843 ~/]$ wp --help


[loopiademo@s845 ~]$ clamscan -ir {MD5}Malware.Expert.wp-pass.php.UNOFFICIAL FOUND

----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------
Known viruses: 6821769
Engine version: 0.102.2
Scanned directories: 207
Scanned files: 1983
Infected files: 1
Data scanned: 38.58 MB
Data read: 19.32 MB (ratio 2.00:1)
Time: 41.355 sec (0 m 41 s)


[loopiademo@s845 ~]$ rsync -au --delete


Q: What kind of Linux is this?
A: We use FreeBSD which is not Linux.

Q: Can I use cron?
A: No, for cron jobs we refer to the scheduler in Loopia Customer zone.

Q: How do I shut down vim?
A: Follow this guide:

Q: I broke something, do you have a backup?
A: You can access previous versions of your directories/files in .snapshot/ or can restore a backup via Loopia Customer zone according to this guide.

Q: I want to use tool X, can you install it?
A: Contact us at with your suggestion and we’ll see what we can do.

Q: I can’t find wget?
A: Use fetch or curl instead.

Q: How do I become root?
A: This is an interface for managing your web files and not a VPS. You have access to your files and the tools we have installed without being root.

Q: I run out of PHP memory when using composer, how do I change the limit?
A: You can run composer with “php -d memory_limit=2048M composer.phar ARGUMENT”

Ports open for outgoing traffic

ftp-data      20/tcp   # File Transfer [Default Data]
ftp           21/tcp   # File Transfer [Control]
ssh           22/tcp   # Secure Shell
http          80/tcp   # World Wide Web HTTP
ldap          389/tcp  # Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
https         443/tcp  # https
ldaps         636/tcp  # ldap protocol over TLS/SSL
ftps-data     989/tcp  # ftp protocol, data, over TLS/SSL
ftps          990/tcp  # ftp protocol, control, over TLS/SSL
ms-sql-s     1433/tcp  # Microsoft-SQL-Server
ms-sql-m     1434/tcp  # Microsoft-SQL-Monitor
mysql        3306/tcp  # MySQL
postgresql   5432/tcp  # PostgreSQL Database
other        8080/tcp  # Alternativ port för http
other        8081/tcp  # Alternativ port för http
other        8443/tcp  # Alternativ port för https
other        9418/tcp  # GIT

In addition to these ports, ports 49152 - 65535 are also open, as these ports are often used for FTP transmissions in passive mode.

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