SmartFTP is a FTP client for Windows. The program is one of the most advanced FTP clients of the clients we have posted manuals. A good choice for those who want more than just a simple FTP program. SmartFTP can be downloaded here.

Install and use SmartFTP

Install and start the program according to the instructions supplied. To connect to the FTP, fill in the following information in the toolbar:

Login: (replace against your FTP username)
Password: Your FTP password

Then press the Enter key to connect.


In the right window you will see the files located on the FTP server and in the window the files located on your local hard drive.

In the FTP window, change directory to you domain and then public_html by double clicking. All files that you want to appear on the network needs to be in this folder.

Select the files you want to upload in the left window and drag them to the right window to add them to your FTP site.

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