FTP (add account and connection)

FTP is used to upload or download files (ex. you homepage) on your web hosting account. In order to be able to use FTP then you will have to have a FTP client (FTP program) and a FTP account.

Create a FTP account

A FTP account is something that you as a customer has to create.

That is done on the following method:

  1. When you are logged in in your customer zone click then on “FTP” under “account administration” and then click on “create FTP account“.
  2. Choose a username and password and click on “save“.

Connecting to the FTP account

In order to be able to upload your homepage to Loopia you will need a FTP client. There’re a lot of them out on the market. One of the most common FTP client is Filezilla which is a free program that works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Do you have another FTP client? Click here in order to see all our support articles regarding FTP.

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