Move your site and email to Loopia

It may sound complicated to move your website, e-mail address and domain name to another provider, but if you follow the guide below you’ll see that it really isn’t that hard. You are always welcome to contact our support if you get stuck on any step on the way. Our support is open every day all year around (even on Christmas!). Welcome to a real web host.


  1. Order a Loopia hosting package
  2. Move website
  3. Test your website
  4. Move e-mail
  5. Move or redirect domains
  6. Terminate your old hosting package

Order a Loopia hosting package

Begin with selecting a hosting package that fits your website(s) best. Then tick the option that you already have a domain name and type in your domain name (the address to your website without www). Please note that your current website will Not stop working because of this because no traffic is redirected with the order of a hosting package. Complete the ordering process and you’ll be able to pay your order with a credit card on the next screen. If you do this you’ll get access to your account and hosting package almost instantly. If you rather want an invoice to pay you may wait for it to be sent to your e-mail address or postal address, depending on what you selected in the order form. You can even choose to pay the invoice with credit card by going to this website

When the invoice has been paid you’ll receive your login credentials to your account with us.
Move website

Move your website


If you have a normal HTML-site you have to download your site from your current provider with an FTP-program and then upload it to your FTP account that you have with us.
If you don’t have your login information for your FTP-account you can create an account in your costume zone by clicking on “FTP Account” on the menu “Add/Create..”
Follow our guide to download and upload your files with FTP here

FTP-information for an FTP account is something you as a customer has to add.

The address to our FTP-server is


If you today have a blog with another provider, for example a WordPress-blog at or a free blog at or Blogger; you can easily move it with the guides on our Swedish support page.


If you have a MySQL-database with your current provider you can move it with this guide.

If you have the knowledge you can also use phpMyAdmin to import your SQL-backup file from the other provider. You can reach your MySQL-settings and phpMyAdmin through the Customer Zone under Account Settings > MySQL-settings.

Test your website

To test your website with us you may use a temporary domain name to see if everything works. The address is – where you change “” to your domain name. For some websites (WordPress) you may have to change some settings, more information about this on this page.

Move e-mail

To add and move your e-mail addresses and messages to our servers you may follow our Swedish guide on the following page.

We also have a guide on how to do this with Mozilla Thunderbird on our blog (in swedish).

Move or redirect domains

When your website works as it should and you have created your e-mail accounts that you want you’re ready to move your domain name to Loopia. This is done through the Customer Zone.

You can read how to do this on the following page.

Terminate your old hosting package

When you see that everything is moved to our servers and you see that everything works as it should you may terminate your hosting package with your current provider. Different providers have different termination agreements, contact your provider to see how to do this the easier way.

If you miss something in this guide you can always contact our support.

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