Create a MySQL database

The silver package includes 25 pieces of MySQL databases and the Gold package includes 50 pieces. If you need even more we also offer the option to connect additional MySQL databases as an additional service.

Our MySQL service runs on dedicated and very powerful database servers. The web hosting providers offering MySQL in their web hosting packages usually run their MySQL services on the web servers. Something that can reduce performance and reduce the server environment.

In your customer zone at Loopia you can easily add a MySQL database.

  1. Log in to Loopia Customer Zone.
  2. In the “Add/create..” menu, select “Databases“.
  3. Select “New MySQL database“.
  4. Select which domain name you want to use as a database name. (Keep in mind that all the domains you have can still use the database).
  5. Click on “add” to create the database.

Once the database has been created you can go ahead and add a database user in order to use the database.

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