White site in WordPress or HTTP ERROR 500

Note: If you get Internal Server Error please see this guide

If your WordPress page is suddenly just white or you get a 500 error message, it may be good to enable display of error message on the page.

That is done through your wp-config.php file.

In that file there’s a row that contains:

define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);

That has to be changed to:

define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);

To reach and modify this file, you must log in to its FTP account via Loopia.

See here how to connect via FTP

Make the change on the line and re-upload the file.

You are most likely to receive an on-screen error message that may lead to an add-on (plugin) or theme. You can then, via FTP, update this plugin (search for this on wordpress.org download, unpack and then replace the files in your TP under folder wp-content/plugins /)

See also this guide

Then test if the page is working again. If it does not, delete plugins from the files completely from FTP.

When done, change to define (‘WP_DEBUG’, false); again.

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