To create a DSN / ODBC connection

A DSN connection is an ODBC-based connection to your database. Microsoft ODBC Provider for Access has many problems and we therefore advise our customers not to use it. Known Issues have included that it is not thread safe, that the connection has caused data corruption, and that code that could connect to the database for a long time suddenly stopped working, with unknown cause.

Microsoft itself recommends that you to the greatest extent possible use OLEDB to connect to Access databases.

We recommend the following connection string with OLEDB:

"Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" &_
Server.MapPath("/") &_

The above connection string assumes that the ASP script that connects to the database is saved in the / directory (replace with the domain name you have with us) and the database databas.mdb is saved in /

If you still want to have a DSN / ODBC connection to your database, please send the path and the name of your database to along with your customer number so we can create this link and send the name of it to you.

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