Password protection

Password protected sites can easily be enabled through your customer zone. The protection will be added on catalogue level and you will be able to choose which catalogue to add the password for according to the guide below.

Start by clicking your domain, in our case “” and thereafter click Password protection below Additional settings.

The tab will expand and display more information about the chosen domain. The info is fetched from your FTP account and in our case there’s an active WordPress installation hence the “public_html” is shown with its characteristic sub folders.

You can set your own message for the visitors when you have clicked the desired folder for the password protection. We have selected “Enter password!” for our example, then add your user and desired password and click Save.

You can click Add additional users if you want more users to gain access.

The password protected folder will be shown below as an active password protection and for which folder.

The visitors will not see the following message when visiting the site.

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