Owner change domain keeping webhosting settings

Through this guide you lift one or more domain names from one account to another, and correct account owners, if necessary, without any violation of domain/domain service (f.ex website and email).

After this you can proceed with the next action, such as change of ownership, merger or transfer.
1. Current domain owner must create an account here. Enter the domain name as for example “loopia-domenendin.no” (replace domenendin.no with one of your domain names). This domain does not exist, just a placeholder, and will be removed when the process is completed.

Note! You can enter current owner information for them or the domains you intend to post into this account (ie * not * new owner if transfer is complete). If you are unsure which current owner is that domain, you can use http://whois.loopia.no/ or .NO https://www.norid.no/no/ to check, or you can ask us to investigate Details of who is the current owner.

2. Follow the instructions to confirm account creation. The user information and customer number are then sent to the selected e-mail address.

3. Log in to your account. Upgrade your web hosting account by logging in and clicking “upgrade account” in the menu. Select the web hosting package and order. (If the agreement is that the account has been created temporarily, we will provide this subscription free of charge for 30 days).

4. Send an email to support@loopia.no with the following information:
– Customer number for the customer account where the domain/s are located today.
– Customer number for the new account.
– Which domain/s to move from the first to the second account.

5. We move the domains and notify when it is completed and removes the placeholder domain.

6. Done! You can now proceed with different changes (f.ex, owner change, merger, transfer, or no further action).

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