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The boost platform is optimized to work well with WordPress. Your WordPress page should work automatically after moving to the platform, but in some cases some settings may need to be changed depending on how the page is structured.

Information on how WordPress works with the various caching solutions on the platform can be found here:

Listed below are some common problems and possible solutions. If you discover anything that is not listed here, please contact us at support@loopia.com and let us know.

WordPress multisite with subdirectories

If you run a WordPress network and use subdirectories as a structure, a setting needs to be made for the page to work properly. Today, this can only be done by our support. In the future, it will be possible to get it done directly from Loopia Customer zone.


To activate the firewall in Wordfence, the setting “auto_prepend_file” needs to be changed to “wordfence-waf.php”. Today, this can only be done by our support, but in the future it can be done directly from Loopia Customer zone.


In earlier WPML versions than 3.7.0, the plugin created new cookies for each page request which caused the page cache to never be active. To resolve this, you need to update to version 3.7.0 or later.

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