Help with moving web hosting/email to Loopia

If you want to move to Loopia from another provider, our support can, at a cost, assist you with the transfer of your website and email. To facilitate the move, we’ve put together a guide that explains what we need from you in order to move your services to us.

What we move

Included in the price of 1000 SEK/hour incl. VAT per commencement hour is a transfer of domains to Loopia including web files, databases and email where each email address may contain a maximum of 5 GB data in total.

Move of database

We move your web files and database to us and update it to point at the database at Loopia.

Move of email

We create email accounts at Loopia with the same password as before and then synchronize the messages we find at the previous provider.

Move of website

We can not guarantee that the website looks exactly as it did before the move, as any modifications on the website may be required to fit our server structure. However, we are advised to tip and guide you in the right direction to make the website look like before.

In connection with the move, the website will be scanned with our tools to find possible malicious/infected code. This is to not risk that malicious code is entered into our server environment, but also to alert you as the site owner about this and what needs to be done to prevent the page from being closed out of eg. Google. We can help you to clear malicious code within the time of the moving assistance. If extra time is required, the cost is 500 SEK incl. VAT per commencement hour and this will be agreed upon with the customer ordering the moving assistance.

What we need from you as a customer


  • FTP login to current provider with access to all web files (FTP server, username/password).
  • Login to PHPMyAdmin at current provider or the database exported in .sql format.
  • All email accounts with associated passwords and IMAP server address to be able to synchronize them (server name, username/password).
  • Authorization code for all domains. Please note that there is a transfer fee for many domains and that it can take 3-5 days until we are the registrar of the domains and can change their name servers. These transfer costs are not included in the cost of this moving assistance service.
  • Zone file for the domain to allow us to add any subdomains, external MX, and more before switching to our nameservers.
  • All domains that should be moved to us must be registered by the same organizational- or personal ID that owns the Loopia account where the domains will be transferred to.
  • Before moving, it must be ensured that all domains to be moved are owned by the person/company that owns the account to be moved to.

Very helpful:

  • Login to the customer zone/administration panel at current provider.
  • SSH credentials to web files and/or database.
  • Information about what CMS and what version the website is built in.
  • Any special adaptions at current provider that we should know about.

Before the move is completed…

…you as a customer need to make sure that the page works as it did before. This is done by visiting (change yourdomain to your domain name).

You also need to check that all email accounts are stored in your Loopia Customer zone.

After these steps are confirmed, the DNS is updated and it will take 1-48 hours before all traffic goes through Loopia.

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