Cannot connect to MySQL externally

A change in the configuration for the database user is required if you want to connect to a MySQL database from a external location, like from home using a local website/system/tool for example.

Log on to the Loopia Customer Zone and choose the database under “Databases”. Choose “Database Users” and the user that you connect via.

In the field Host you enter the IP address that should be allowed to connect to the database. By default, it is usually the web server IP address specified as host. This allows only the web server for site to connect to the database which is a safer option if you do not want that any external / non-privileged user should be allowed to connect to the database.

If you enter % as Host, anyone be able to connect to the database if they have the username and password.

Our recommendation is that you create a new user to the database through the Add user which is completely free of charge. Then change the Host to % or the IP of your server.

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