Automatic update doesn’t happen directly

Although it is sometimes referred to as re-compilation, compilation, upload or anything else, when uploading a new ASPN.NET text file (for example, web.config or .aspx), the old result will still be displayed via the browser.

The following explanation is a more technical reason why it does not work.

ASP.NET v2.0 is used solely as FileChangeNotifications (FCN):

The Win32 call used is described in MSDN FindFirstChangeNotification:

This means that a directory or file system is monitored separately and that applications receive information when the change is made.

ASPN.NET applications are updated (recycle) as soon as any changes are discovered (directory, file created, deleted or changed).

In our web environment, we have a powerful Network Attached Storage (NAS) where all customer material exists and the respective Windows servers use it via SMB/CIFS.

FindFirstChangeNotification also works over SMB/CIFS for a smaller number of directories (ie not too many customer directories we have) and Microsoft has described the limitations on:

There is no way to resolve this restriction in ASP.NET at the moment.

A periodic update (recycle) of all ASP.NET applications occurs once a day (based on when each application is last updated) but in Loopia Customer Zone you can request that the ASP.NET application update, for example, after you have made changes.

The Network Appliance, which is manufactured for our NAS machines indicates that you can probably work past the limitation in a later version of their operating system.

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