An error occurred during connection to the database

If you get this error message, it may be due to several reasons:

Operational disturbance?

First make sure there is no malfunction on your database server.

You can always check if there is any current disruptions or disturbances at:

There you can see if your database server (You will find all your servers in your Loopia customer zone) currently has a malfunction. Wait for clearance from this website here and then your page should work again. Please note that Loopia Support does not have more information about the malfunction than the operating blog has.

Correct user/password?

Have you recently changed your password for your database user? Check your webpage’s connection code (In WordPress the information is in the wp-config.php file). Check that the username/password for the database is the same as you last saved in your Loopia customer zone.

Correct database name?

In your Loopia customer zone you will find your database name (host/host name). There the server can have the name f.ex. In your webpage’s connection string, it should be just (it also works with If there is an incorrect server name in your code, try changing and updating the page.

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