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Adobe Contribute is a program that can easily be used to publish websites. This guide is written for Adobe Contribute version 6.5 and the steps for publishing your website may vary for newer versions of the program. Version 6.5 is currently not available in English, so the guide is written with the English version of the program. To see larger versions of the photos, click on them.

Already when you start the program for the first time, you can choose to create a new Website Connection:


In the window that appears, click on the “Next” button to proceed:


On the next page you fill in your website’s visit address, in this guide we will use the example domain
In this case, the address must be filled in as, then click on “Next“:


On the next page, first select “FTP” from the drop-down list at the top of “How do you connect to your web server?” Then fill in as the server address (in addition to the username and password) that FTP user you created in the Customer Zone under Account administration -> “FTP“:


On the next page, fill in the search path to the domain name publishing folder, this is usually the domain name and then public_html at the end, then click on “Next“:


On the next page, do not fill in anything, just click on the “Next” button:


Now we are almost done, enter your name or company name and email address. Then click on “Next“:


Now the setup guide is complete and you get an overview of the settings, double check that the information is correct. If something should be wrong, just go back in the guide to correct it. Once all the information is correct, click on “Done“.


Now the existing website will appear in the main screen, if you have not previously created any website with us, this is our most commonly used “under construction” site. You can now start working with your website and publish it directly through us through Adobe Contribute. Good luck!



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