Verify a domain name via DNS

For example, to enable an external service, you can sometimes do that through verifying you as the owner of the domain.

In this guide, we will figure out how to do this via a DNS posts received from the service to be activated, such as Microsoft 365, Google Apps or Webmaster Tools.

Log in to your Loopia Customer Zone, and then click on the domain you want to confirm.

In this example, we will consider how to approve the domain against Google Webmaster Tools. Google wants to set up a TXT record (post) on the sub domain “@”. Other providers may choose to create a unique sub domain for this.
Choose then to create this sub domain to add the TXT record under this instead of “@”.

Then click on “DNS editor” and then do the following:

Under the sub domain “@” select “Add a new record” and then select “TXT” as your record type and then enter the TXT record. Here it is important that you have (“) sign before and after your TXT record.

Click then on “Add“. After a few hours your domain will be approved by your external service.

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