Owner change of domain and keeping the DNS settings

Through this guide, you migrate one or more domain names from one account to a whole new account, and simultaneously correct the account holder, if necessary, without any interruption of domain name services (such as website and email). After this you can, for example, request a transfer, make a merger or start a transfer.

1. Current domain owners need to create a LoopiaDomain account on the following page.
Select the option “I already have a domain name”.
Enter a domain name that does not exist (registered), such as “loopia-yourdomain.com”.

NOTE! You must enter current information for the proprietor of the domain name you intend to move into the new account (ie * not * intended / prospective holder, in case a transfer is to be made).

If you are unsure who the current proprietor is for a domain name, you can use our page whois.loopia.se or the page at IIS to check this.
If you are still unsure, ask us to check it further.

2. Follow the instructions to confirm the creation of the account. Login details and customer number are then sent to the specified e-mail address.

3. Log in to your account and upgrade this account to LoopiaDNS by clicking “Upgrade Your Account” in the menu and follow the steps there. (In case the agreement is that the account is created temporarily, we allow this subscription free of charge for 30 days.)

4. Send an e-mail to support@loopia.se with the following information:
– Customer account number for the customer account where the domain name is today:
– The customer account number of the newly created account (your domain name will be moved):
– Which domain name should be moved from the first to the second account:

5. We move the domain name/s and respond back when it is completed.

6. Ready! You can now start, for example, transfer, merger or transfer.

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