FAQ Move from Servage to Loopia

How will the transfer eventuate?

The transfer from Servage to Loopia will begin during February. In order to enable a safe and smooth move, you will no longer have access to Servage control panel or the opportunity to administer your services at Servage once the transfer has begun.

However, the transfer to Loopia is expected to take place within a few days (with a few exceptions) and as soon as it is completed, we will send your user credentials to your new control panel Loopia Customer zone via email so that you can log in via loopia.com to administer your services.

When the transfer begins, you will become a customer of Loopia in accordance with Loopia’s general termsIf you reject the transfer to Loopia, please contact info@servage.net before the 28th of February 2020. 

How can I access my services after the move?

As soon as the move of your services is completed you will receive an email containing your login credentials to your Loopia customer zone where you can then login to administrate your services that have been moved to Loopia.

You will also be able to login to you Loopia Webmail with the same credentials as before to send and read emails.

Can I get new login credentials? 

You can receive new login credentials to your account’s contact information (Email or SMS). You can at any time ask for new login credentials for your account here.

Why am I receiving an invoice by email?

As we are unfortunately not able to transfer your saved card credentials from Servage to Loopia, your previous setting to automatically pay invoices with your saved card credentials has been disabled. When you have received your first invoice from Loopia you can choose to save your card credentials once more to automatically pay invoices with your card that has been saved with Loopia instead.

Does Loopia have support?

Yes, and you are very welcome to contact our award winning support by phone, chat or email 365 days a year. Our opening hours and contact information can be found here.

I have recently paid for my Servage account, will I be required to pay again to Loopia?

No, the time you have paid for with Servage will be transferred to Loopia and the first invoice from us will be sent the same date as it would have been sent from Servage.

Why do you charge for DNS?

We at Loopia strive to provide a stable and modern DNS-platform and have decided to charge 120SEK per year for the DNS service to be able to provide you the best possible product.

LoopiaDNS includes the ability to administer an unlimited amount of domains and email aliases in the account and the DNS-service has Anycast-DNS. You are also free to contact our support by chat, email or phone 365 days a year.

What happens if I do not want to move to Loopia? What options do I have?

If you do not wish us to move your services from Servage to Loopia, you need contact Servage before the 28th of February 2020.

Can I add Loopia as a new provider already?

Of course! You can add Loopia as a new provider for your company or organisation to easily pay coming invoices for your services.

Provider information

Loopia AB

Kopparbergsvägen 8

722 13 Västerås

Org. number: 556633-9304

Bankgiro: 5519-9533

For payments sent from abroad:


IBAN: SE5612000000013070127185

Bank: Danske bank

Do I automatically accept Loopia’s terms and conditions?

Loopia’s agreement comes into effect 30 days after you as a customer have been informed about them via mail and on the Servage website. If you choose not to accept the terms, you must contact Loopia and notify them. If you choose not to accept Loopia’s terms, your services will be suspended when Loopia’s contract comes into effect. Servage terms apply to you as a customer until Loopia’s terms come into effect on 28th of February. You will therefore not be left without an agreement as Loopia’s terms and conditions that apply to you when the transfer takes place.

Where can I read Loopia’s terms and conditions?

You can find Loopia’s terms and conditions here.

Will I be able to order new services up until the move?

Until 08:00 on the 18th of February, all services will function as usual at Servage. You can thus order new services and domain names as usual. After 08:00 on the 18th of February and until the move is complete you will not be able to access your account and therefore cannot log in to order new services until the move to Loopia is complete, after which you place the order in your Loopia Customer Zone instead.

What happens if I have services with other providers connected to my domain at Servage?

As all domain’s DNS settings are moved to Loopia your other services which might be connected will not be affected.

If you are using a different DNS-provider for your domain and has hosting services with Servage, you will be required to update your DNS records to instead connect to Loopia’s servers once the move of your hosting services has been completed.

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