CuteFTP is a FTP-client developed by GlobalSCAPE. The program is designed for beginners and is an excellent choice for those who want a simple and easily understood FTP program. It has an interface similar to Windows Explorer in Windows 95 / 98 / NT / 2000 / XP and it’s possible for scheduling FTP transfers. You can get CuteFTP here.

To install CuteFTP and use an FTP account in CuteFTP, do the following. Install and start the program according to the instructions supplied.

CuteFTP Home

Click on the Tools menu, then select Site Manager, and Display Site Manager.

Cute FTP Pro

Right-click on General FTP Sites and select New and FTP site.

On this page, enter the following:

Label: Description, such as your domain name
User Name: (replace with the domain name you have with us)
Password: Your FTP password Then you can connect to your FTP by clicking on Connect.


On the right you will see the files that are on the FTP server, and the window to the left are the files that are on your local hard drive. Now you can change the folder in the FTP window to public_html by clicking on it. All files you want to view on the Internet must be in this folder. Mark the files that you want to upload in the left window and drag them to the right window in order to add them to your FTP.

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