Price list june 2022

On june 1, 2022, our regular prices for new orders and renewals of some of the top-level domains and packages we offer will be adjusted.

Why are the prices adjusted?

Why our prices are adjusted is mainly due to the fact that the purchase price of our suppliers of various services has changed, which means that we have to review and adjust our own prices.

Price adjustments are also a natural part of our quest to continuously develop, maintain and improve our support and services. It gives us increased opportunities to take our already award-winning support to new heights and our range of services to the next level.

The climate has been in focus during the year and we will soon move into a new state-of-the-art and climate-positive data center. We are now looking forward to 2021 which will contain many nice improvements.

Price list for domains

DomainPrice (ex VAT)Price (inc VAT)
.SE169 SEK/Year211,25 SEK/Year
.COM169 SEK/Year211,25 SEK/Year
.NU179 SEK/Year223,75 SEK/Year
.CLOUD269 SEK/Year336,25 SEK/Year
.SHOP389 SEK/Year486,25 SEK/Year
.FI209 SEK/Year261,25 SEK/Year
.EU139 SEK/Year173,75 SEK/Year
.STORE589 SEK/Year736,25 SEK/Year
.ONLINE369 SEK/Year461,25 SEK/Year
.SITE329 SEK/Year411,25 SEK/Year
.TECH519 SEK/Year648,75 SEK/Year
.GRATIS269 SEK/Year336,25 SEK/Year
.GURU369 SEK/Year461,25 SEK/Year
.WEBSITE269 SEK/Year336,25 SEK/Year
.EMAIL269 SEK/Year336,25 SEK/Year
.LINK139 SEK/Year173,75 SEK/Year
.ME209 SEK/Year261,25 SEK/Year
.NET149 SEK/Year186,25 SEK/Year
.ORG149 SEK/Year186,25 SEK/Year
.BIZ169 SEK/Year211,25 SEK/Year
.INFO159 SEK/Year198,75 SEK/Year
.MOBI229 SEK/Year286,25 SEK/Year
.NAME129 SEK/Year161,25 SEK/Year
.TV389 SEK/Year486,25 SEK/Year
.RS169 SEK/Year211,25 SEK/Year
.NO139 SEK/Year173,75 SEK/Year
.BE119 SEK/Year148,75 SEK/Year
.PL179 SEK/Year223,75 SEK/Year
.AT149 SEK/Year186,25 SEK/Year
.CC259 SEK/Year323,75 SEK/Year
.BLOG329 SEK/Year411,25 SEK/Year
.ORG.UK239 SEK/Year291,20 SEK/Year
.APP229 SEK/Year286,25 SEK/Year
.CO.UK239 SEK/Year298,75 SEK/Year
.XYZ189 SEK/Year236,25 SEK/Year
.DEV189 SEK/Year236,25 SEK/Year
.TOP149 SEK/Year186,25 SEK/Year
.GRAPHICS329 SEK/Year411,25 SEK/Year
.IO509 SEK/Year636,25 SEK/Year
.GLOBAL749 SEK/Year936,25 SEK/Year
Domains only renewed by Loopia
.DE129 SEK/Year161,25 SEK/Year
.ES139 SEK/Year173,75 SEK/Year
.CH319 SEK/Year398,75 SEK/Year
.NL129 SEK/Year161,25 SEK/Year
.CO449 SEK/Year561,25 SEK/Year
.US149 SEK/Year186,25 SEK/Year
.LT229 SEK/Year286,25 SEK/Year
.LI229 SEK/Year286,25 SEK/Year
.IN149 SEK/Year186,25 SEK/Year
.TEL189 SEK/Year236,25 SEK/Year
.QA509 SEK/Year636,25 SEK/Year
.CZ229 SEK/Year286,25 SEK/Year
.LU349 SEK/Year436,25 SEK/Year
.LY2 249 SEK/Year2 811,25 SEK/Year
.SR1 199 SEK/Year1 498,75 SEK/Year
.SX349 SEK/Year436,25 SEK/Year
.MS429 SEK/Year536,25 SEK/Year
.IS2 959 SEK/Year3 698,75 SEK/Year
.FR129 SEK/Year161,25 SEK/Year
.TK329 SEK/Year411,25 SEK/Year
.TW309 SEK/Year386,25 SEK/Year
.IT549 SEK/Year686,25 SEK/Year
.PRESS709 SEK/Year886,25 SEK/Year
.TIPS229 SEK/Year286,25 SEK/Year
.PW299 SEK/Year373,75 SEK/Year
.MX429 SEK/Year536,25 SEK/Year
.SO629 SEK/Year786,25 SEK/Year
.TODAY309 SEK/Year386,25 SEK/Year
.TRAINING269 SEK/Year336,25 SEK/Year
.GL509 SEK/Year636,25 SEK/Year
.LC349 SEK/Year436,25 SEK/Year
.MANAGEMENT349 SEK/Year436,25 SEK/Year
.MARKETING429 SEK/Year536,25 SEK/Year
.LA389 SEK/Year486,25 SEK/Year
.INVESTMENTS1 389 SEK/Year1 736,25 SEK/Year
.FUTBOL119 SEK/Year148,75 SEK/Year
.HOST719 SEK/Year898,75 SEK/Year
.ONL269 SEK/Year336,25 SEK/Year
.WF189 SEK/Year236,25 SEK/Year
.XXX1 069 SEK/Year1 336,25 SEK/Year
.ZONE429 SEK/Year536,25 SEK/Year
.VC389 SEK/Year486,25 SEK/Year
.SYSTEMS729 SEK/Year911,25 SEK/Year
.PE629 SEK/Year786,25 SEK/Year
.ROCKS189 SEK/Year236,25 SEK/Year
.RU229 SEK/Year286,25 SEK/Year
.EXPERT749 SEK/Year936,25 SEK/Year
.CAT1 999 SEK/Year2 498,75 SEK/Year
.SC909 SEK/Year1 136,25 SEK/Year
.ST379 SEK/Year473,75 SEK/Year

Price list for email packages

Loopia EmailPrice (ex VAT)Price (incl VAT)
Monthly payment69 SEK/month86,25 SEK/month
Quarterly payment59 SEK/month73,75 SEK/month
Annual payment49 SEK/month86,25 SEK/month
Loopia StarterPrice (ex VAT)Price (incl VAT)
Monthly payment79 SEK/month98,75 SEK/month
Quarterly payment69 SEK/month86,25 SEK/month
Annual payment59 SEK/month73,75 SEK/month

Price list for web hosting packages

Web hosting HomePrice (ex VAT)Price (incl VAT)
Monthly payment119 SEK/month148,75 SEK/month
Quarterly payment109 SEK/month136,25 SEK/month
Annual payment99 SEK/month123,75 SEK/month
Web hosting BusinessPrice (ex VAT)Price (incl VAT)
Monthly payment219 SEK/month273,75 SEK/month
Quarterly payment209 SEK/month261,25 SEK/month
Annual payment199 SEK/month248,75 SEK/month

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