Change password for Loopia’s services

Below you will find information about how to change passwords for Loopia’s various services together with the requirements that are set for these passwords.

Change password for Loopia Customer zone

To change password for Loopia Customer Zone, select Account settings in the grey right hand side menu. Press Login Credentials. It is now possible for you to choose user name (which must be one of the domain names you have in your account) and fill out a new password.

Then press Save.

Change passwords for email accounts

To change passwords for your email accounts, click on the email account that you want to change password for in Loopia Customer Zone under the title “E-mail addresses”. Select “Edit” and enter a new password for the email account.

Then press Save.

TIP! You can also login to the email administration directly via This is usefull for single users that doesn’t have access to the Customer Zone. Enter your email address and its password and press “Login”. You will then have the option to change password, manage white and black listings, set up auto-responses, etc.

Change password for FTP

When changing password for your FTP account, you need to be logged in to Loopia Customer Zone. When logged in, scroll down to Account administration and press FTP. Then press the FTP user you want to edit and enter a new password.

Then press Save.

Change password for MySQL

To change password for the user of the MySQL database, press the name of the database below Databases in Loopia Customer zone, followed by Database users. Press the name of the database user you want to edit and enter a new password.

Then press Save.

Change password for VPS

To change your root password, login to Loopia Customer zone and select your VPS service which can be found in the list of your active services right below the search box.

In the VPS control panel, press Change settings and fill out a new root password for your VPS.

Then press Save.

What requirements are set for my password?

If you want to enter your own password for Loopia Customer zone, it must meet a number of requirements since a weak password is a security risk.

The requirements that your password must meet are the following:

  • It must be at least six (6) characters long
  • It must contain at least five (5) unique characters
  • It must not contain too many repetitions of any characters
  • It must not only contain different kinds of whitespaces
  • It must not be a US national insurance number
  • It must not be a common word
  • It must not be vulnerable to glossary attacks (it can for example not contain a word written backwards, lowercase or uppercase letters, words in plural, etc)

How do I regain a lost password?

For security reasons, it is not possible to retrieve a lost password to any of our customer zones. On the other hand, it is possible to generate a new password for your customer zone.

Visit this website to generate a new password. Fill out any of your domain names in the field Domain name and press Send.

You will now receive an email sent to the specified email address. Click on the link in the email to see your customer number, user name and a newly created password. Note these credentials, the link only works once.

If you want to change the generated password, login to your customer zone with the new password and follow the instructions above.

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